The Dark Side of Services Like UpWork

Had a client recently ask about a very particular, niche project they have. They told me they were considering searching for someone through UpWork. I said that would be a good idea (I suspect they were hoping I could help with the project – but it was so obscure, although I personally could have helped, […]

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Youtube Stats & Information Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know

Table of Contents Introduction Understanding the Impact of YouTube Statistics on Marketing Strategies How to Leverage YouTube User Demographics for Effective Marketing The Role of YouTube in Digital Marketing: A Statistical Analysis Exploring the Power of YouTube: Key Statistics for Marketers Decoding YouTube Statistics: A Comprehensive Guide for Marketers Conclusion Introduction This blog post from […]

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Southwest Florida News

Discover SWFL News: Your Premier Source for All Things Southwest Florida

In a world cluttered with information, finding reliable and local news that covers every angle of your community is more important than ever. Olympia Marketing is proud to announce SWFL News, a cutting-edge news aggregation website dedicated to providing detailed coverage of all things happening in Southwest Florida, including the counties of Lee, Collier, and […]

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Estero Marketing & Advertising: Navigating the Digital Landscape with Olympia Marketing

In an era where digital footprints determine business success, understanding the evolving landscape of marketing and advertising becomes crucial. But there will always be an element of creativity, locality, and experience no matter where technology leads us. And it is this harmony of all of those – experience, understanding of the local Estero community as […]

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The Danger of AI in Advertising

How a client’s “American Made” advertising highlights the dangers of AI and it’s use in advertising (as well as the larger implications of this technology as it quietly spreads devious ideologies throughout society). Something struck me today as I was working on a client account – two client accounts actually. Within AdWords – google has […]

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Transformative Digital Marketing: Olympia Marketing’s Breakthrough Campaign for StealthGPT

In the dynamic world of software development, having a groundbreaking product is only half the battle. The other half? Making sure it reaches the right audience. This case study delves into the exemplary campaign designed and executed by Olympia Marketing for StealthGPT, a sophisticated software developed by XYZAI. The software, despite its potential, faced the […]

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Verdana Village

Verdana Village stands as a vibrant, master-planned community in Southwest Florida, designed with family living in mind. Combining modern amenities with a close-knit neighborhood feel, Verdana Village offers a diverse range of homes to suit any lifestyle. Residents have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including community centers, pools, and parks, alongside shopping and dining options that […]

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