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Some of Our Recent Work & Case Studies

The following is a small sample of some of our latest and best work. In some cases we’ve worked with local businesses looking to market themselves, or national brands looking to up their game both online and offline.


We help businesses operate seamlessly through managed point of sale and inventory management systems. Retail technology made simple. View Project

Land Clearing SWFL

Before constructing walls, it’s essential to ensure your land is properly cleared and primed for underground installations. Land Clearing SWFL, is your trusted excavation partner. View Project

St. Peter Orthodox Church

Explore the upcoming events and activities at St. Peter Orthodox Church. Click the button below to view our calendar and stay informed about liturgical services, community outreach programs, educational seminars, and special celebrations. View Project

Renovation Naples

Top choice for home improvement in Naples, FL. As a leading remodeling company, we specialize in diverse services, ensuring your renovation dreams become reality with excellence and attention to detail. View Project


A boutique development firm specializing in A.I. software development projects. We ship quality code quickly and make our clients’ dreams come true by integrating cutting-edge A.I. into new and existing software. View Project

Florida Blockchain Business Association

Transforming Florida into a Global Leader In Bitcoin, Blockchain, Web3 & Emergent Technologies View Project


What Our Customer Say About Us

Support Olympia Marketing is here to offer a full range of support retainers that will best suit your business. Allow us to take over all your web needs and more, whether it’s 1 hour or 50 hours of support a month, Olympia Marketing is here for you.
Kevin Bartlett

Zach's team and I have worked together for 5+ years, in that time Olympia has helped me transform my business from a simple 1-man show to a large brokerage. I can't recommend Olympia Marketing enough!

Kevin Bartlett

Owner - Knowledge Base Real Estate

Laura Lorusso

Olympia Marketing helped me optimize my squarespace site and implemented marketing (AdWords). I was unsure whether my business was going to take off - now I'm concerned I'm growing too quickly! We're all booked out.

Laura Lorusso

Owner - Skincare Academy

Joe G.

We engaged with Olympia in September 2023 with only a few changes to our website our traffic increased 100x, and Olympia has been instrumental in getting us to over $100k MRR in less than 6 months.

Joe G.

CEO - AI SAAS Company

Scott Kern

We just launched a new website with Olympia Marketing. We've been unbelievably amazed by the results. We were growing organically through word of mouth, but in only 6 months since launch we've increased revenue 300%.

Scott Kern

Owner - Quality Service Company

Will Schwarz

Our new website has performed phenomenally. Sitting down with the Olympia Marketing team was fantastic and they showed us how to use our website to market our company ongoing - for virtually FREE! We're excited for the future.

Will Schwarz

Co-Owner RetailMTS