Marketing & Advertising


Advertising & Marketing

At Olympia we’re a “digital first” agency – meaning everything we do keeps your digital presence in mind – as we know this is the bedrock of any organizations marketing. However, we utilize a number of conventional advertising and marketing tactics effectively to help provide a direct return on those efforts AND increase your company’s overall digital market. As one example – did you know PR helps your search engine optimization? A firm that understands the implications of your largest brand, marketing and advertising strategy is crucial to success in this hyper competitive 21st century world. AND since we’re digital first, we’re at the bleeding edge of technology, meaning we can get better rates, faster production times, and the absolute BEST results for your overall businesses marketing and advertising efforts.


Search Engine Optimization

Launching your company’s website is step 1, but what comes after that? Search Engine Optimization helps your website rank for keywords important to your business without paying for additional ad services. An extensive strategy will be created specifically for your business including a technical website audit, a blog calendar and new content.
Content Marketing
A key function of SEO is Content Marketing. Driving organic traffic to your website with creative, high-impact content that is created specifically tailored for your business needs. This typically also includes website copy & landing pages, press releases and more.
An easy and great first step to enhancing your SEO efforts and content marketing is creating a blog for your business. Defining the best blog topics for your business on a regular basis is just a part of the SEO strategy we provide.
On-site Optimization
Trust that our team is on top of all available updates and performing regular audits on your website to make certain all search engine standards are always running at top par and meeting all standards, always optimizing your website.
Off-site Optimization
We will assist with off-site optimization by researching websites to link back to and also getting links back from other websites. This is important because by getting high domain-authority links back to your website helps you rank in the search engines and has proven effective in increasing your organic traffic, this is referred to as link building.
Keyword Tracking
Receive regular updates as our team tracks your website’s ranking performance and provides you with ideal keywords for your business as adjustments are made based on data collected.
Keyword Research
The keyword research that we provide to our clients is done to the highest of standards, with the best tools in the industry. Providing the information about the keywords having the most impact on the long-term success of your business and assisting you in making data-driven decisions.
Local SEO
Customers are turning to websites like Google, Yelp, and other online directories more than ever for goods and services. Local search should be a top priority of your business if providing local goods and services is something you provide. Appearing in those listings is something that local SEO ensures.


Search Engine Marketing

A digital strategy using paid ads to boost website visibility in search engine results. It involves bidding on keywords to ensure ads appear when users search, driving targeted traffic and delivering measurable results for businesses.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

A top tool for getting your business found online is pay-per-click advertising and our team creates tailored campaigns for your business using the biggest platforms like Google and Microsoft Ads. Ensuring your ads are running at peak performance while maintaining an optimal monthly budget. One of the benefits of PPC is only paying for the user clicks on your ads!

Display Ads

Generating brand awareness is a skill our team takes pride in. Working alongside you to understand who your target audience will be and exactly where and how to display your ads to best reach them. One of the ways we do this is by managing display campaigns through the Google Display Network, getting your business in front of many new and inquisitive eyes.

Retargeting Ads

A successful form of increasing conversation and movement to your website is retargeting ads throughout the web after potential customers visit your website. This is done using cookies and has been shown to benefit companies greatly.

YouTube Advertising

Another great form of brand awareness is YouTube Advertising. Our team can help make sure your ads are placed in the right areas of YouTube and are seen using the powerful Google Ad platform and help your business with your video creativity as well.


Social Media Marketing

But where would digital marketing be without its key player, social media? Engaging on social media platforms like top networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great ways to establish a presence and grow followers online. We help our clients build, manage, and create brand awareness for their online profiles by setting up targeted ad campaigns.

Social Media Management

Keeping up with the constantly changing digital world can feel like a job all in itself. Our social media management team shoulders the weight of your ever-growing social media profiles so you can focus on your business. Taking care of your posting, replying to messages, comments and more. Analyzing your business along the way to understand and perfect your marketing efforts, driving brand awareness and engaging clients.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

We know you are ready to grow your social media following and get more customers when you make the smart decision of coming to us. Our highly skilled team will drive traffic to your website while using the strength and power of Facebook and Instagram ads, creating custom campaigns focusing on your company’s personal brand.

LinkedIn Ads

If B2B is something that your company focuses on, then LinkedIn Ads are a great fit for you and by using target LinkedIn metrics we can create the best campaigns to get your business in front of new leads, driving high traffic to your company.


Email Marketing

Re-engaging with existing and previous customers is important when branding your new online presence and email marketing is a great way of doing that. Our team can assist you in everything from creating an email list of all your existing clients, to email design and crafting that perfect message to your clients.

Email list management

By generating a new email list for your business, or optimizing an existing one, our team is here to help you through it. Customers can easily sign up for your mailing list through custom forms on your website and we can help you craft the perfect emails to reach them based on customer activity, service and more.

Email Design and

With your approval, our team will deploy user-friendly, beautifully designed emails that bring your client to a new level of engagement allowing them to trust in your brand and positive online presence.

Email Analytics

Using email analytic software like benchmark or Constant contact, we provide future campaign ideas that are data-driven and custom to your business needs because just like with your website, it is critical to understand your audience’s needs and the best way for interacting with them.