Meet the Client

The Florida Blockchain Business Association is a non-profit chamber of commerce at the forefront of ensuring the State of Florida continues to be a leader in the Bitcoin, Blockchain, Web3 & emergent technological spaces. We’re marrying technology, policy, and statecraft to ensure a future for our citizens that maximizes freedom, value, merit and the core beliefs that went into the Founding of our Nation & Constitution.




December 2023


1 Month

Project Overview

FBBA has chosen OlympiaMarketing to revamp their website. Our main objective is to develop a modern, user-friendly platform that accurately embodies FBBA’s brand identity and effectively showcases their services. Furthermore, we aim to optimize the website for search engines to enhance online visibility and drive organic traffic.


Revamping FBBA's Website

FBBA has taken a significant step towards digital evolution by entrusting Olympia Marketing with the pivotal task of revamping their website for optimal SEO performance. With an acute focus on enhancing online visibility and driving organic traffic, our collaboration seeks to seamlessly integrate captivating design elements with strategic SEO tactics. By harnessing the latest in digital innovation, we are poised to unveil a revitalized website that not only captivates audiences but also climbs the ranks of search engine results, propelling FBBA towards unparalleled online success.

Website Design and Development

Develop a visually engaging and responsive website design that accurately embodies the brand image and values of FBBA.

Reorganizing the Website Structure

Streamlined navigation and restructured content for better clarity and ease of access

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Implemented SEO best practices to enhance the website's ranking and drive organic traffic.


Creating the Website Plan

Prior to initiating the FFBA website revamp, we meticulously developed a comprehensive plan. This detailed roadmap delineates the project’s scope, objectives, target audience, design direction, and technical requirements. Serving as a strategic blueprint, it steers every stage of development, ensuring a successful and cohesive outcome that authentically reflects FFBA’s brand image and values.


Building the Website

FBBA’s dynamic online presence is fortified by the versatile and intuitive WordPress platform. Leveraging its powerful features and flexible customization options, WordPress empowers us to tailor a website to FBBA’s unique needs. From engaging content management to seamless navigation, our WordPress-based site ensures a user-friendly experience for visitors, while equipping FBBA with the necessary tools to effectively showcase their association. Additionally, our platform allows the client to log in and make changes at their convenience, ensuring flexibility and autonomy in managing their online presence.

Client Feedback

FBBA is thrilled with the results of the website overhaul. The revamped structure, visually stunning design, seamless WordPress integration, and enhanced SEO have collectively resulted in a highly satisfactory outcome. The client expresses gratitude for our professionalism, expertise, and dedication to delivering exceptional results.

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