LandClearing Southwest Florida – 6 Months in (Analysis)

Approximately 6 months ago we launched a website for our client… Land Clearing SWFL – Your Expert in Land Management Services we figured we’d put together this review as a weird kind of “what makes sites that Olympia does… different” post. It’s pretty amazing how SEO works, and although it can take some time to ramp up – our sites see results.

Back 6 months ago we were excited to announce the launch of a new website for our client, Land Clearing SWFL, a premier land management service provider in Southwest Florida. Their new digital platform landclearingswfl.com was designed to showcase their comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of the region.

Let’s quick recap their services:

Comprehensive Services for Every Need

Land Clearing SWFL offers a diverse suite of services to tackle various environmental and land management challenges:

  • Excavation & Land Clearing: Ready any site for new construction or landscaping with professional excavation and clearing.
  • Tree Services: From routine trimming to the removal of exotic species, ensure the health and aesthetics of your property with expert care.
  • Stump Grinding: Remove unsightly stumps effectively, making your land safer and more attractive.
  • Lot & Land Clearing: Prepare large areas for development or fire prevention with thorough clearing services.
  • Storm and Hurricane Cleanup: Quick response services to clear debris and damage after severe weather, ensuring your property’s safety and functionality.
  • Demolition and Grading: Safe and efficient demolition services for old structures, along with grading for proper drainage and land utilization.
  • Junk Removal: Removal of homes that had hoarders or are full of junk (including removal of trash/junk after hurricanes).


So what happened in that time? Take a look at the following graphic:

Now this client isn’t doing ANYTHING else with their digital marketing or their SEO. They haven’t even posted a simple update to their website. But, the last 6 months has seen some massive shifts in SEO from Google’s algorithim perspective, and overall (overtime) Google is continually ranking the website higher and higher. As we see above they’ve 4x’ed the number of clicks they receive – and because this is SUCH a specific industry – they’ve actually received about a 50% conversion rate (people that visited the website and contacted them for service).

Additionally – you can see that their impressions have nearly tripled (showing they’re continually moving up the ranking). With just a small amount of effot they could be doing fantastic (even though they’re happy where they are).

For further information, please visit landclearingswfl.com.

If you’d like us to help you with your small business website and help you absolutely dominate your competition – please contact us today.

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