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Sell House Fast Fort Myers - Cobia Holdings

We’re excited to announce the onboarding of a new client Cobia Holdings. What is Cobia? Cobia is a real estate investor in Southwest Florida that specializes in helping people who are looking to sell their house fast in Fort Myers (and the rest of the surrounding Southwest Florida area) liquidate or sell their home quickly.

Cobia has come to Olympia looking for help with their digital marketing and overall marketing services. We’re excited to be working with them and will be documenting our Journey over the coming months and years.

Cobia Holdings – A Local Real Estate Investment Company

I had some friends and family recently that were going through some tough times. Most people don’t realize that many homes in the real estate market are actually not viable for the open market. What do I mean? Well, in order to sell on the open/conventional RE market – you have to understand that most homes are going to need to be in prime shape. In the industry it’s called “turn-key ready.” Because of this, most homeowners are going to spend around 5% of the home’s value prepping it for sale (in part because the better it shows, the more money they can sell it for).

Unfortunately, many homes are occupied or owned by people that are:

  • Out of town
  • Have health condition precluding rennovations
  • Don’t have the money to rennovate

Because of this they won’t ever be able to sell their home on the open market (because investors aren’t there, and your average home buyer is looking to avoid a headache – not enter in one).

So real estate firms like Cobia come along and either invest in the home directly, partnering with the home owner on fixing things up and helping to facilitate a sale (taking a profit margin), they buy the home out right and fix it up for the open market, or they connect homeowners with investors who would be willing to take on the home.

In the scenario that plagued my friend, unfortunately an elderly parent had been occupying their home for years but hadn’t maintained the home. It needed a hundred thousand+ dollars worth of renovations in order to sell in a conventional way. Cobia came along and within a week took care of the owner, his son, purchasing the house for resale. They were happy as the property had grown precipitously since they purchased it in the late 90s.

We look forward to helping others in the Southwest Florida community connect with this 100% local company, helping to keep the profit generated through these kinds of activities in the local community through various marketing and advertising efforts over the coming years.

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