Olympia Marketing is proud to be located in the heart of Southwest Florida – Estero, Florida. As an Estero Marketing Agency we’re keeping the pulse on the entire business market in Southwest Florida including happenings around town, new development projects, new businesses and have decades deep connections in Government, Business, and Community organizations that help our clients excel.

Our Expertise in Marketing & Advertising

One of the benefits of being a digital-first Ad Agency (and we mean it!) is that we’ve had the opportunity to assist clients of all sizes, in a ton of different markets. But, as Estero is our home town, and our base of operations – we get to combine that nation-wide expertise locally, and leverage additional tools and tactics to help our clients grow their business. We’ve had clients in almost every state in the country, and have worked in MANY different industries. Here’s a small sampling of just the local

  • Home Service Businesses – HVAC, Electricians, Solar Power, Property Managers & More…
  • Real Estate – Agents, Brokers, Developers, Builders
  • Software – SAAS tools, specialty market software, retail POS systems
  • Restaurants and Entertainment – Theaters, entertainment facilities, gyms

In over 2 decades we’ve had the opportunity to help clients of all kinds.

Our Estero Strategy & Creativity

We generally start clients with an initial exploratory meeting to learn about your business and your goals. We then will either jump straight to a proposal, or recommend in-depth strategy and creative meetings to craft a final plan for your unique business – combining our experience and connections with your desires. Our plans typically also include guarantees, ensuring you know you’re choosing the right Estero Marketing Agency for your business. This is a relationship. We NEED you to be successful. We have a reputation and business to run as well – and your success is LITERALLY our success.

Our Data-Driven Approach

Because we’re