Welcoming Nova Beauty Co. a Denton & Bartonville, TX Spa & Facial Facility

Nova Beauty Co - Bartonville Texas

Jane Ware has been a long time friend. Recently her and her husband decided to move to Denton Texas a quiet suburb just outside of the Dallas Fort Worth metro area. Within a few months she opened her spa and facial facility in Bartonville TX – Nova Beauty Co. and has been doing well in the local market ever since. She contacted us recently hoping she could step up her game as far as growing the business, attracting more clients from Bartonville and Denton looking for facials.

What We Did for Nova Beauty Co.

One thing many clients are surprised to learn when they work with Olympia Marketing – we don’t have a set plan for every business. Because there are an infinite number of products, services, and markets, and we’ve had so much experience over the last 20 years, we prefer more of a “doctors” approach to working with clients…

It starts with simple questions like:

  • What’s going on?
  • What are you looking to accomplish?
  • What (all) are you doing for marketing/advertising?
  • What does success look like?

We then take this information and apply our vast experience, as we develop a plan of action along with a proposal on costs and timelines and then execute swiftly.

In Nova Beauty’s case the answers were similar to what we see with many businesses:

  • We need to grow. We must increase revenue by 2-3x and have the capacity for that from a personnel perspective immediately.
  • We’d like a clearer website, to do better in search, and ultimately achieve those revenue numbers.
  • They were not doing ANYTHING to market their business outside posting on social media (oh an unmanaged AdWords account the client didn’t even remember until months-in to the engagement).
  • Success – don’t want to spend anytime worrying about my website or marketing – just want to attend to clients – and for revenue and client counts to 2x-3x over the course of the year.

We did a thorough dive into the website, matched against these KPIs and their specific (modest budget).

Our Digital Plan for Nova Beauty

Our plan was as follows:

  • Optimize the website immediately, make it easier to use.
  • Solve some mobile problems/optimizations
  • The above would also allow us to achieve higher overall conversion rates for any ongoing SEO campaigns or advertising campaigns.
  • Take over adwords and optimize.
  • Create a modest initial SEO campaign.
  • Optimize existing Google My Business Page (including getting it verified) and make recommendations for ongoing updates to stay ahead of competitors.
  • Train their team on how to update their website to continue to dominate in local search.
  • Implement a blog so owner and staff could post ongoing and keep and further lead the conversation on spa and esthetician services in Bartonville.

In quickly learning about the Bartonville area we learned that besides being a small community outside Denton (itself a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth Texas) we knew we could very quickly and easily optimize for certain key phrases that would lead to business. And by doing this and little else we’d be able to rank prominently and get relevant traffic to the website.

We then made some additional recommendations

Results for this Bartonville Spa & Esthetician

Within 1 month of execution (total time to execute was roughly 2 weeks start to finish):

  • Traffic up 70%+
  • Top 5 for Spa & Esthetician Services in Bartonville
  • Top 2 for Facials in Bartonville (the #1 phrase for people searching for this service)
  • AdWords – currently in the process of taking this over

Jane and company couldn’t be happier and we look forward to further helping them scale and achieve all of their dreams.

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