Fort Myers Lawn & Paver Company – TLS Lawn Service & TLS Pavers Client Success Story

Fort Myers Lawn Service & Tree Trimming Company TLS Lawn

Recently longtime friend and client’s Reyna & Juan who run the Fort Myers Lawn Service and Tree Removal Company – TLS Lawn Service came to us and asked – in addition to what we had already provided them (previously we had optimized their website on Wix) what we could to do help increase business even more, and help them with their new business. TLS Lawn & Service has existed in Fort Myers for many years serving clients throughout Southwest Florida and Lee County with all of their lawn service needs including:

  • Tree Trimming & Tree Removal
  • Sod & Plant Installation
  • Mulch & Landscaping

So we discussed the current situation (previously hosted on wix) and that this would be the perfect time to upgrade as well as build out a brand new site using one of our customizable themes and put together a plan and executed.

For TLS Pavers a Fort Myers Paver company that works on all kinds of paver projects including landscaping and pavers for pools and other decorative walk-spaces, we decided to build out a brand new custom site and similarly, execute under one major account – google adwords.

Fort Myers Lawn Service & Tree Trimming Company TLS Lawn

TLS Lawn Service: Fort Myers Tree Service Excellence

A Comprehensive Approach to Lawn Care and Tree Services

TLS Lawn Service has established itself as a leader in lawn care and tree services in Fort Myers. Specializing in tree trimming, pruning, and comprehensive lawn maintenance, the company offers a full spectrum of services designed to enhance the beauty and health of residential and commercial landscapes.

The Power of a New Website

The journey began with the creation of a modern, user-friendly website. This site not only showcases the breadth of services offered by TLS Lawn Service but also includes optimized content tailored to the needs of local customers. By incorporating key phrases such as “Fort Myers Tree Service,” the website was strategically designed to attract organic traffic from search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO was at the heart of the digital strategy for TLS Lawn Service. By conducting thorough keyword research, optimizing on-page elements, and creating high-quality content, the company significantly improved its search engine rankings. Meta descriptions, alt tags, and header tags were meticulously optimized to ensure that the website appeared prominently in search results for relevant queries.

Hosting Transition and Performance

A seamless hosting transition played a pivotal role in enhancing the website’s performance. Faster load times and improved site reliability not only contributed to a better user experience but also positively impacted search engine rankings. This technical upgrade ensured that visitors could access the site quickly and efficiently, reducing bounce rates and increasing engagement.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

To complement the organic traffic generated by SEO, a targeted PPC campaign was launched. This campaign focused on key services and geographic areas, ensuring that TLS Lawn Service reached potential customers actively seeking tree services in Fort Myers. The combination of compelling ad copy and strategic bidding resulted in a steady stream of qualified leads.

Remarkable Results

Since implementing these strategies, TLS Lawn Service has experienced a dramatic increase in search engine visibility. Rankings for key terms like “Fort Myers Tree Service” have improved by roughly 50% each month. This growth has translated into a significant uptick in website traffic, inquiries, and ultimately, business revenue.

Fort Myers Paver Company TLS Pavers

TLS Pavers: Fort Myers Pavers Expertise

Premier Paving Solutions

TLS Pavers offers top-tier paving services in Fort Myers, specializing in driveway and walkway installations. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has earned them a stellar reputation in the local community.

A Fresh Digital Presence

Similar to TLS Lawn Service, TLS Pavers embarked on a digital transformation with a newly designed website. This platform highlights their extensive portfolio, service offerings, and customer testimonials, all while being optimized for search engines with a focus on “Fort Myers Pavers.”

SEO Strategies for Success

The SEO strategy for TLS Pavers involved detailed keyword analysis to identify high-value search terms. On-page optimization, including the use of targeted keywords in titles, headers, and content, was crucial. Additionally, the creation of engaging blog posts and articles helped establish TLS Pavers as an authority in the paving industry.

Efficient Hosting and User Experience

Transitioning to a new hosting provider ensured that the TLS Pavers website operated smoothly and efficiently. Enhanced performance metrics, such as faster load times and reduced downtime, contributed to a better user experience and higher search engine rankings.

Strategic PPC Campaigns

PPC advertising was leveraged to reach customers actively searching for paving services in Fort Myers. By focusing on specific keywords and demographics, the PPC campaign drove targeted traffic to the website, resulting in increased inquiries and bookings.

Impressive Outcomes

The results for TLS Pavers have been equally impressive, with search engine rankings improving significantly month over month. The company’s visibility for key terms like “Fort Myers Pavers” has surged, leading to a notable increase in website visits and customer engagement. This upward trend in digital presence has directly contributed to business growth and profitability.


The success stories of TLS Lawn Service and TLS Pavers illustrate the transformative power of effective digital marketing strategies. By investing in a robust online presence through SEO, hosting transitions, and PPC campaigns, both companies have achieved remarkable growth and established themselves as leaders in their respective fields. Their experiences underscore the importance of a well-rounded digital strategy in today’s competitive business landscape.

For businesses looking to enhance their online presence and achieve similar success, the journeys of TLS Lawn Service and TLS Pavers serve as a blueprint. With the right approach and dedication, any business can leverage the power of digital marketing to reach new heights.

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