Adnan Dedic Joins Olympia Marketing: A New Era in Real Estate Marketing

We are excited and thrilled to announce that Adnan Dedic, a renowned name in the real estate industry, has joined the Olympia Marketing family. Adnan’s expertise in the field, combined with our cutting-edge marketing strategies, is set to create a synergy that promises remarkable results. In this post, we will delve into Adnan’s impressive background, our innovative Agent Cold Calling package, and the immediate, groundbreaking success we’ve already achieved together.

Adnan Dedic: A Brief Overview

Adnan Dedic is a name synonymous with success in the real estate sector. Known for his extensive experience and insightful approach, Adnan has consistently demonstrated his ability to navigate the complexities of the property market. His knack for identifying promising opportunities and his dedication to client satisfaction have made him a standout figure in the industry.

Olympia Marketing’s Role in Revolutionizing Adnan’s Marketing Approach

At Olympia Marketing, we specialize in transforming marketing strategies to align with the evolving demands of the digital age. Our collaboration with Adnan Dedic focuses on leveraging our expertise in digital marketing to enhance his already impressive portfolio.

Introducing the Agent Cold Calling Package

A cornerstone of our collaboration is the introduction of our Agent Cold Calling package. This innovative approach is designed to streamline lead generation, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in reaching potential clients. This package is part of our broader initiative to offer comprehensive and tailored marketing solutions for real estate professionals.

Early Success: A Testament to Our Combined Efforts

The impact of our partnership is evident immediately!

Within just one day of signing up for our services, Adnan received three qualified leads, all ready to list their properties. These leads quickly set up listing appointments, and incredibly, within 48 hours, one of these appointments closed, resulting in a new $1.4 million listing.

This achievement is not just a milestone for Adnan Dedic but also a testament to the efficacy of our marketing strategies. The quick turnaround in generating a high-value listing demonstrates the potential of our collaboration.

A Year’s Worth of Service Paid in Just One Day

The success story doesn’t end there. The swift closure of the $1.4 million listing meant that our services paid for themselves within an astounding 24 hours. This remarkable return on investment highlights the value we bring to our clients and sets a new benchmark in real estate marketing.

Looking Ahead: Exciting Additions to Our Real Estate Service Offerings

We are on the cusp of revealing more exciting additions to our real estate service offerings. These enhancements are designed to further empower real estate professionals like Adnan Dedic, enabling them to reach greater heights in their careers.


Our partnership with Adnan Dedic marks the beginning of a new era in real estate marketing. With our innovative strategies and Adnan’s deep industry knowledge, we are poised to redefine what’s possible in real estate marketing. Stay tuned for more updates on our services and continued success stories.

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